What Smart Product Features to Check Out Today

With any renovation or upgrade comes the question of whether the updates you’re making are relevant. What if there’s new technology available that you simply weren’t aware of? When it comes to smart home automation, we want you to stay informed about the latest technology growth and what you should consider adding to your Baltimore, MD home.

In this blog, we will look at some of the smart technology features that are making waves this year and what they can do for your smart home.


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Voice Control

With a house full of smart technology, what better addition is there than a way to easily control all of it hands-free?

2018 is the year for the rise of voice control. While it’s been around for a while in smartphones as well with speakers and cars in recent years, this technology is quickly becoming capable of more as it grows.

You can set up a speaker device like Amazon Echo and use Alexa, its voice control feature, to control various features in your home. Use your voice to play music, turn on a movie, adjust your lights and more once you integrate your smart products with your control system. Apple is also growing its software and HomeKit technology in its mobile devices to provide secure access to controlling your home’s systems like smart locks.

Surveillance/ Security Cameras

Home security is a high priority for most homeowners. With smart technology, your security system can do so much more than simply sound an alarm after a break-in or unexpected entry.

Set up surveillance cameras outside and inside and monitor them in real-time from your phone or tablet. Additionally, replay footage on your devices if you want to review an event like a break-in or the time that a guest or housekeeper was in any room.

Moreover, you can sync your cameras with your doorbell to send you an alert and image or live stream of the door area once the doorbell is rung. Or simply get alerts when the motion detector is activated — even if they don’t use the doorbell.

Hidden Technology

Smart technology shouldn’t be thought of as equipment that takes up space and looks bulky or unappealing just for the sake of functionality. While many design options are available in most products to fit in with your home’s look, you can also consider hidden technology to keep it out of sight.

In-ceiling and in-wall speakers allow for audio systems to sit flush with the surrounding material, with the technology built behind it. This frees up valuable space in the area and also distributes the audio evenly throughout the room.

You can also incorporate hidden TVs and displays. Utilize lifts to raise your TV from either the floor or a piece of furniture only when you want to watch it. When not in use, the display can lower back into its designed placement.

Moving panels are another solution to hide your TV. The panel can hold a decorative item like a piece of artwork to display when the TV is not in use. Once you’re ready to watch a show or movie, make the panel slide up to reveal the screen with the touch of a button.


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