Project Description

Starr Systems Design was hired to update the AV control and sound system for a home and nearby poolhouse. This client was looking for streaming music that could be zoned for existing indoor and outdoor locations with Savant control of TVs as well as Sonos.


  • Sonos Connect Amp, Play 1 speakers, and Sonos Playbars for owner’s TVs
  • Savant control
  • Flexon wall brackets


  • Ability to control the volume of speakers for individual sections
  • Capability to play different music in different areas
  • Ability to control TV and Sonos through one remote
  • Group speakers in various combinations


  • Existing Equipment & Speakers: The owner wanted to retain the existing outdoor speakers.
  • Extending Control to Poolhouse: In order to have control of the Sonos in the poolhouse, wired connectivity was needed from the house to the poolhouse.
  • Wireless Network Connectivity: The area of the project required extending the wireless network to the poolhouse.


  • Existing Speakers: Connect Amps were installed to support the existing outdoor speakers and the inside speaker system in the poolhouse.
  • Control to Poolhouse: An existing cabling running from the house the poolhouse was used to connect control for the Sonos system in the poolhouse, from the Savant remote in the home.
  • Outdoor Access Point: An outdoor wireless access point was added to the exterior of the house to extend the wireless network to the poolhouse.

sonos playbar

(Sonos Playbar mounted below owner’s TV)

residential speakers

(The Sonos system pictured here in the poolhouse can be controlled from the Savant remote in the home.)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR With years of experience integrating IT and AV technologies for a range of applications, Steve Frantz recently joined Starr as a Sales and Design Associate. He is a technology volunteer with Village At Home, a local non-profit helping people age in place. When he isn’t working with technology and solving problems, he enjoys spending time with his wife and sons.