Here at Starr Systems, we work with several different products on a daily basis whether we’re in the consultation, design, install/implementation, or service stage, but below are some of our favorite products that we worked with in 2016.

Security and Surveillance

Starr Systems is a Baltimore leader in smart home security, giving you solutions to monitor, protect, and automate your home. More than a smart app or a cool thermostat, we seamlessly connect the key devices in your home on one platform, so they work together, and work smarter.

  • Control lighting
  • Record camera events
  • View live camera feeds from your smart mobile device
  • Incorporate garage door openers
  • Remotely arm/disarm system
  • Amazon Alexa friendly: “Alexa, close the garage”
  • Detect a leak with a water sensor

water sensor

Water sensor

motion sensor

Motion sensor

Smart Lutron Systems

Smart Lutron systems tie into other control systems, such as Savant, and give you access from outside the house via your smartphone.

Lutron systems save you energy, extend the lifetime of lightbulbs, allow you to create custom lighting scenes, and more. In addition, Lutron also works with Alexa. “Alexa, turn off my front hallway light.”

lutron keypad

Lutron keypad with custom button engraving

Motorized Shading

Automate your motorized shades to go up and/or down during preset times of the day, within created scenes, or by using geo-tracking for sunrise and sunset.

Sound Systems

Tom Halsup, our Custom AV Project Manager, says that the Sonos PLAYBAR is his favorite Sonos product because it adds a theater-style volume for your TV and can also wirelessly stream music. Build onto your Sonos system and play different music in different rooms!

sonos playbar

Sonos PLAYBAR mounted under TV

Custom Speakers and Concealing Artwork

Leon mixes art with audio, design, and technology. With Leon enjoy:

  • Custom size speakers to match the size and color of the casing on your TV
  • In-wall subwoofers
  • Moving art screens to conceal TVs and speakers
  • Custom built outdoor speakers to withstand all elements
  • The Edge Media Frame is handcrafted and magnetically attaches to a custom built mounting panel


artwork hidden artwork

Pictured left: moving art screen raised and screens showing. Pictured right: moving artwork down to conceal screens

leon edge media frame

Edge Media Frame

Vanishing and Outdoor TVs

  • Vanishing entertainment TV mirrors for the living room and bedroom
  • Vanishing vanity TV mirrors for the bathroom
  • Lighted mirrors for the bathroom
  • Outdoor weatherproof TVS that can be left up year round, within all elements
  • Indoor waterproof TVs ideal for the kitchen and/or bathroom

seura outdoor tv

Outdoor TV in a weatherproof casing to handle all elements

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Sarah Engel is a Digital Marketing Associate at Starr Systems Design who just came onboard this past May. She’s an infographic nut and a forever-long Apple fan. When she’s not behind one of her Apple devices, she is often found volunteering with her dog King or planning her upcoming wedding.