We are all quickly realizing that we may have to adjust to this new world we live in, not just locally, but globally. With high traffic locations such as office buildings, sports complexes, retail locations, grocery stores, casinos, and more being the riskiest, they are also crowded for a reason; most of these places are essential to live life, to break away from the everyday.

Nobody knows what is going to happen at this point, but some say we might have to live with this for quite some time. If this is the case, there needs to be a solution in place where we can mitigate the risk in these high traffic areas.

One way we can achieve this is with thermal detection through heat-sensing cameras. A high temperature is one of the main early symptoms shown in COVID-19, and checking each person’s temperature has been shown to be a successful mitigation method. Places like hotels and bars are already doing this manually with a person at the door. This method would not be ideal for a high traffic scenario like a sports game or a concert, it would simply take too long.

To be successful in monitoring temperature for tens of thousands of people in a short time period you need to have a faster to way to check each person. This solution would need to have the ability to check multiple guests simultaneously from a distance as a first step preventative measure. Below is an example of a system that Bravas has deployed for these use cases.

Watch our resident expert, Adam explain this solution and see it in action in this video.

What is it

The Bravas Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution is capable of identifying people with a high temperature in high traffic scenarios. With a built-in AI algorithm, it can monitor multiple people from a distance of 9.8 feet away and 4.3 feet wide, enabling fast assessment without personal contact for a safe initial screening process.

  • Automated capturing and recording of temperature data
  • Accurate within .3 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Completely contactless
  • Monitor multiple people at the same time to ensure every person is checked
  • Monitor temperature through face coverings like masks, sunglasses.
  • Throw out false thermal signatures like hot coffee

How it works

There are three main parts: the thermal camera, the video recorder with AI software, and the blackbody. The camera is set up at the entrance of facility like a gym, school, business office, hospital, or retail store. The black body is setup up behind the person at the point of capture. This black box is to give the camera a reference point for extremely accurate readings.

Then the recorder is setup with a monitor over your network. This is where you will be able to see the temperature of each person passing through. When a person is over the set threshold, you are alerted and you can have that person sent to secondary screening.

Pricing can vary depending on your specific needs.

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