Electrical Contracting

As a builder, one of the most challenging aspects of the job is managing subcontractors.  Starr Systems combines the work of three subcontractors – Low-Voltage, Security, and Electrical – to make managing and completing your projects easier.

Cabling Infrastructure Design

Our expert design staff can put together plans for a building’s low-voltage cabling infrastructure.  This includes condominium and apartment building commercial audio and video systems, lighting controls, motorized shading, temperature controls, and security and access control systems.

Cabling Installation

Not only do we design low-voltage cabling systems for commercial projects in Baltimore, Washington, DC, Annapolis and the surrounding area, but our team of highly skilled technicians can install the cabling as well.

Common Area Audio/Video System Design

Office lobbies, retail environments, and condominium and apartment buildings rely on eye-catching audio and video systems and digital signage in today’s high-tech world.  Let Starr Systems design the perfect system for your environment.

Common Area Security, Surveillance, and Access Controls

Building and Property management systems should be designed to allow property managers to ensure a building is secure.  Surveillance cameras, access control systems, and parking lot systems can be fully integrated to provide both residential and commercial users with peace of mind when entering and exiting your property.

Resident System Sales, Design, and Installation Services

Condominium properties are a hybrid of commercial space and residential areas.  Starr Systems can design and install residential entertainment systems, lighting and temperature controls, motorized window shades, and other connected systems for individual residential units inside these buildings.  These amenities make your property more attractive to potential buyers by including features they’ve grown to expect from high-end hotels and resorts.  Starr Systems will even help with marketing material to describe the amazing features and benefits of the systems we design.

Service and Maintenance Programs

System uptime is critical in every environment.  Once we install a commercial system, depend on our service team to ensure the system is always working as designed.  With a customized Starr Systems service and maintenance agreement, we make sure every aspect of your system is up to date and working as designed.  We include one or more annual maintenance visits to the property to test the functions of the system, update software and firmware, and make sure all of the connected devices are properly upgraded, connected, and controlling the system.  For additional peace of mind, Starr Systems remotely monitors all of the connected components, so we’ll know if your system has an issue or potential issue before you do, and can often resolve the issue remotely without rolling a truck to the site.