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/Transitional Design

Project Description



Baltimore-based Starr Systems Design created a system that blended seamlessly with the home's transitional design and included distinctive finishing touches, such a specially designed projection enclosure and custom-finished speakers and wall plates.



The scope of the client's design was massive and included a dedicated theater, a lower-level bar/media room, a professional-quality outdoor audio system, house-wide lighting control system and multi-room audio, security
and surveillance systems, a fully-integrated climate-control system, motorized window shades, a sophisticated home network, and numerous televisions and local media systems.


  • Projector Enclosure: A custom-designed enclosure was needed to conceal the projector and provide ventilation.

  • Speaker Placement: Installing speakers below the screen - as is commonly practiced - was not a viable option due to the size of the theater. Starr Systems Design needed to find a solution that wouldn't hinder sound quality.

  • Outdoor Music System: The client wanted the speakers in their high-performance outdoor music system to be invisible.



Home Automation Control System: All the sub-systems in the home are managed via a professionally designed control system that uses iPads, iPhones and RF remote controls to operate lighting, motorized shades, temperature, pool/spa operation, security, surveillance, music, television, and the custom home theater system. Best of all, custom modes for lighting, climate, security and entertainment settings are based on the daily routines of the family. All control functions are available remotely as well.

Theater: The home theater is designed as a venue for enjoying sports broadcasts, movies and gaming - all in spectacular 3-D.

Speaker Placement: The issue of locating the speakers was resolved with a micro-perforated screen, which allowed them to be placed at ear level.

Outdoor Music System: Starr Systems Design fit custom speakers into stone columns and faux-finished them to match the stone.

Climate Control System: The climate control system is a combination of geothermal heat and forced air for air conditioning, accessible through the home control system.

Security System: The security system allows the alarm system to be monitored via the owner's mobile devices, where images from the security cameras are displayed.

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