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Project Description


  • Home Audio/Video

  • Home Automation

  • Home Lighting

  • Home Network

  • Home Security

  • Home Theatre-Cinema


Starr Systems Design worked with these forward-thinking homeowners to create a high-performance integrated system with modern convenience, simple operation, and exceptional reliability.


This massive project included:

  • A dedicated home theater

  • A great room media system

  • A lower level bar/media room

  • A large outdoor audio system

  • House-wide lighting controls and music

  • Security and surveillance systems

  • A climate control system

  • Motorized shading

  • A wireless home network

  • Numerous additional televisions



  • Access Control: The two entry gates on the property are more than half a mile from the home, so ensuring reliability for the gate control system posed a challenge.

  • Wireless Network: The wireless network had to be designed to cover the 30,000-sq.-ft. interior and the exterior of the home as well.

  • Alarm Coverage: Four alarm siren locations were not sufficiently loud, so the client requested a solution that would ensure the alarms would be heard.



  • Simple Control: Control is handled via a combination of touchpanels, iPads, iPhones, and RF remote controls. These operate lighting, motorized shading, temperature, pool/spa operation, security, surveillance, music, television, and home theater. Managing 18 zones of heating and air conditioning and 300 zones of lighting was all fully integrated into a simple, unified interface. And thanks to mobile integration, the homeowners enjoy the same functionality when they travel.

  • Gate Security: At one of the gates, which is in close proximity to a guest house with a dedicated internet connection, we set up a VPN connection to our system to stream surveillance video and provide control of the gate via IP communication. For the other gate, 2500' of fiber optic cabling provides connectivity and control.

  • Alarm Coverage: Starr Systems' integrated alarm sirens with the whole-home music system to extend the audible alarms.

  • Audio Everywhere: Built for entertaining, the home features 31 zones of music with 23 sources.

  • Cinema at Home: A 3D-ready home theater provides an escape for gaming, movies, television, and sporting events.

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