A Custom Built Home Theater

/A Custom Built Home Theater

Project Description


  • Home Audio/Video

  • Home Theatre-Cinema

  • Home Lighting


Starr Systems Design was hired to handle this home theatre project from start to finish, including room design, material selection, demolition, construction, general contracting/project management, electrical contracting, and all of the audio, video, and control systems.


  • Create a larger feel in the space

  • Flexible & appealing design to both parents and children

  • Strong AV performance fully integrated with design

  • Easy access to mechanical room



  • Decorative Ceiling Design: The ceiling was originally constructed with filled with plumbing, ductwork, and cabling that had to be moved to accommodate the decorative ceiling design.

  • Projector Placement: Hanging the projector in the center of the ceiling was not an option, and neither was a rear projection system, so we had to select a projector with a long throw lens, and design a ventilated enclosure for the adjacent exercise room to conceal the electronics.

  • Mechanical Room Door: The left front speaker and sconce to the left of the screen were to be installed in a column that would effectively reduce the width of the mechanical room door, making service of the mechanical systems challenging, if not impossible.



  • Projector Installation: The chosen projector enclosure incorporates a custom ventilation system to circulate air around the projector. A custom projector mount was fabricated to bring the lens into the center of the opening built into the rear-arched panel.

  • Widescreen Video Projection: The 2.35:1 widescreen video projection system received ISF calibrations for all of the inputs at their native resolutions. The Runco DHD controller handles all of the processing and scaling. Extra attention was given to the contrast ratio settings to minimize the effect on the overall dynamic range and perceived resolution of the image. We also setup ISF day/night modes to compensate for the amount of light generated by both the incandescent and LED lighting systems.

  • Shared Wall: The wall shared with the mechanical room is double framed and insulated to cut down on noise from the mechanical systems. Even the door has additional absorptive acoustical material applied to lower ambient noise. The projector enclosure incorporates a custom ventilation system to circulate air around the projector.

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