Basement Transformation

/Basement Transformation

Project Description


  • Home Audio/Video

  • Home Theatre-Cinema


This client also wanted to expand and upgrade other electronic systems in the house, including a lighting control system and a multi-room music system. We were part of the team hired to transform this ordinary basement into a multi-functional space.


  • Seamless Integration: The client wanted the media room to blend seamlessly with the design while delivering high-performance audio and video for everyday TV viewing, family movie nights, or prime-time sporting events.

  • Singular Projection System: The homeowners didn't want a two-piece projection system that required low ambient light levels for full enjoyment of the big-screen image.



Because audio performance was very important to the client, Starr Systems Design chose relatively large freestanding speakers. However, the interior designer wanted them concealed, but not in traditional large, bulky cabinets.


Starr Systems Design helped design a gathering area for family and friends to enjoy music, movies or television. One minute, the lower-level area is a beautiful, comfortable living space. Next, it's a spectacular multi-media experience. The team successfully married form and function, incorporating a high-performance media system into a very sophisticated interior design. Key elements include:

  • Media System: The focal point of the media system is a wall-mounted 85" plasma display. Custom cabinetry conceals the left, center, and right custom theater speakers and subwoofer enclosures. The rear-channel speakers of this 7.1-channel audio system are flush-mounted in the ceiling at the rear of the room.

  • User Interface: All features and functions of the system are controlled using a wireless touchpanel. This touchpanel also interfaces with the newly updated lighting control system and the whole-home music system. All system components are installed in a component rack inside a small mechanical closet.

  • Speaker Concealment: To conceal these speakers, Starr Systems Design built custom cabinetry with a lower section that "floats" above the floor.

  • Component Rack: The component rack needed to be hidden, yet accessible, so it is located inside a small mechanical closet to the right of the plasma display. This closet is clad with wood paneling to match the cabinetry, and is invisible to all who are not aware of it.

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