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Starr Systems is proud to be the provider and installer of Lutron motorized window shading systems. Lutron shades greatly reduce glare and heat during sunny days, while maintaining gorgeous views. And, best of all, they disappear at the touch of a button (or an iPad).

Save Energy: Utilize your shading system to save additional energy beyond routine use of shades and reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Elegance & Ambiance: Stylish control and fabric options plus innovative technology transition a space to create the right amount of light for any activity.

Convenience: Shading systems can be controlled using keypads, IR remote controls, wireless tabletop controls, or set to an astronomic time clock for automatic adjustment of shades.

Safety & Security: Utilize a house-wide shading system for simultaneous control of all shades. By setting a pre-determined scene for “Away”, simply select this button when leaving to close all shades and restrict the view inside your home.

Reduce Glare & Protect Furnishings: Lutron shading systems diffuse light and prevent glare from washing out a computer or TV screen. Shading systems also protect furniture, rugs, etc. from the sun’s rays. Stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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Sarah Engel handles the marketing at Starr Systems Design who just came onboard this past May. She’s an infographic nut and a forever-long Apple fan. When she’s not behind one of her Apple devices, she is often found volunteering with her dog King or planning her upcoming wedding.

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