You’re a huge movie buff and it has always been your dream to have your own home theater. Now, you finally have the opportunity to have one. You have a large home with a good-sized basement, perfect for watching your favorite movies and/or TV shows.

As you’ve waited many years for this opportunity, your mind is flooded with home theater designs and decorating ideas. You are stumped on how to personalize and beautify your movie watching space.

If you’re overwhelmed with ideas for your home movie theater, it first helps to settle on a theme. Here are some themes to help you get started thinking about theater layout, décor and style:

Classic movie theater. You can really bring the movies to your home by making your home theater look like an actual movie theater. Get some red, plush seats, aisle lighting along the floor and fading lights along the ceiling. Add some carpeting, a popcorn machine, a minifridge for sodas, a concessions counter with and assortment of candy bars and even a lighted entrance. Decorate the walls with movie posters, and film reels. You can have tables with tickets inside jars.

Movie theme theater. Is there a certain movie you and your family obsess over? You can style and decorate your home theater off of it. Whether you’re into Star Wars, Indiana Jones, or Casablanca, there are plenty of decorations, memorabilia, even lighting available to help you transform your home theater into a scene from the movie.

Elegant or casual theme theater. If you don’t want your home theater to look like a theater, that’s great too. Some people double their home theater as a game room, or man cave or another type of entertainment. You can get as creative you want. If you’re looking for something elaborate and luxurious, you can incorporate unique, comfy seating options, such as lounges instead of chairs/seats. In the kitchen or bar are, you can install granite countertops, elegant wood flooring, relaxing fountains, sculptures and priceless artwork on the walls. Go overboard and install a full kitchen with the latest appliances.

If you utilize your theater room as a play room, game room or hang out room, you can decorate it for comfort. Include homemade bar chairs and lounging furniture. Maybe throw in a centerpiece sculpture, fountain or artwork.

For a home theater that doubles as a man cave, you can decorate and style the room based on a favorite sports team or you can give it a casual pub feel with warm wood cabinets, flooring, wall accents and bar stools. Neon and pub lights can decorate the wall and over the viewing area. These lights would of course turn off with the push of a button when a movie starts.

If you have younger kids, you can include bright-colored furniture and paint on the walls. Throw in some memorabilia of your child’s favorite movie character and install shelving for toys, video game consoles, CDs and DVDs.

No matter what direction you may be thinking, a true home theater has quality, automated lighting, a great projector, TV, DVD player and blinds (if your home theater has multiple large windows).

Having automated music and movie players, blinds and lighting will sure put the wow in your home theater. Automation makes for ideal movie watching experiences and takes little to no effort to quickly adjust things and transform the room perfectly.

The size and shape of your home theater will also play a big role in how elaborate your design and layout can be and how many accessories, decorations and memorabilia you can have.

No matter what you decide, hiring professionals is the best way to turn your grand plans for your home theater into reality.