“Secrets Inside the Pantry”

In an article titled “Secrets Inside the Pantry,” Realtor.com highlights some interesting facts about how people cook and eat today and how that shapes the features people want in their home kitchens.

Did you know, of all homes listed for sale on Realtor.com, 69% of them put the kitchen as the selling point, compared to 49% that mention the bedrooms, and 21% that mention the living room. After all, the kitchen is the most lived in space.
What kitchen features add the most value to your home?

  1. Custom cabinetry
  2. Kitchen island
  3. Creative lighting
  4. Granite countertops
  5. Large pantry

Among the top kitchen features that add most to resale value, creative lighting was number three adding on average, a 21% premium.

Starr Systems can provide that creative lighting that includes:

  • Lighting and controls (via dimmers, keypad and apps) can save energy without sacrificing style or convenience.
  • Lights that integrate with motorized shades that can adjust to changes in the time of day or season.
  • Lighting control that with a touch of a button that can set a mood or create a lighted path upon returning to home.

cabinet lighting

ABOUT THE AUTHOR With years of experience integrating IT and AV technologies for a range of applications, Steve Frantz recently joined Starr as a Sales and Design Associate. He is a technology volunteer with Village At Home, a local non-profit helping people age in place. When he isn’t working with technology and solving problems, he enjoys spending time with his wife and sons.