More Than Just Window Shades

Starr Systems is proud to be the provider and installer of Lutron motorized window shading systems. Lutron shades greatly reduce glare and heat during sunny days, while maintaining gorgeous views. And, best of all, they disappear at the touch of a button (or an iPad). Save Energy: Utilize your shading system to save additional energy beyond [...]

09/02/2016|Home Integration, Motorized Shading|

Key Drivers in Smart Home Adoption

The need and want for smart homes is rapidly growing, as Gartner Research “predicts that by 2020, there will be approximately 25 billion Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices. Out of these 25 billion, millions of them will be used to help consumers automate their homes.” How is this possible? Internet connectivity. Internet connectivity is [...]

08/05/2016|Home Integration|

Sonos Improved Features

Sonos, one of the most popular and easy-to-use wireless “whole-house” music systems, recently added some new features to it’s app. These features make it even more user-friendly and smarter than it already is. Below are a few features that I’m most excited about. If you’re an Apple fan, then this highlight is for you: Access [...]

07/25/2016|Music Systems|

The best recessed LED lighting available

Deciding on best LED lighting for your application can be a daunting task.  LED as a category is growing at a rapid pace, but information to allow consumers to compare lamps and fixtures is lagging behind. One of the first questions we are asked is, “Why should I install LED fixtures?”.  The are several reasons [...]

Replacing the rechargeable battery in an RTI remote control

After charging for years, the rechargeable battery in your RTI remote control can likely no longer hold a charge for an extended period of time and is ready for replacement.  This sounds like a simple process, but the battery connector in the T2c remote control is especially fragile and can be damaged in the process.  Our project manager, [...]

Turbocharge your Sonos system

There’s no doubt that Sonos has forever changed the way we listen to music.  No more CD changers, iPod docks, or adapter cables – simply open the app, search for your favorite artist, song, genre, category, etc., and magically, it begins to play. With Sonos, your music choices are virtually unlimited, but what about your equipment choices? [...]

12/28/2015|Music Systems|

Are there any maintenance requirements for home automation systems?

Electronic devices get smarter every day, and those devices are more connected than ever.  Remotes to control motorized shades, wall-mounted keypads to control lighting throughout the home, apps to control music and temperature, cloud based storage for security cameras – all of these developments have brought home automation to the forefront, and made it more [...]

12/28/2015|Home Integration|

Waterfront Penthouse

  Starr Systems is proud to be the provider and installer of Lutron motorized shading systems for Silo Point – a waterfront luxury condominium in downtown Baltimore.  We recently completed the installation of oversized custom shades for one of the building’s penthouses.  These shades greately reduce glare and heat during sunny days, while maintaining the gorgeous [...]

12/24/2015|Motorized Shading|

An ecstatic Starr Systems customer

Starr Systems is my one stop shop for all of my electronic and audio equipment. Big screens installations, sound systems for homes, security systems - you name it, they do it! Pete, Rocky and Sean are top notch professionals, and they have provided me and my family with outstanding service. I entrusted them to make [...]

12/16/2015|Starr News|