Take Advantage of a Professional Multi-Room Audio Installation

For music lovers, there’s nothing more important than having easy access to their favorite playlists and plethora of streaming tunes everywhere they go. Whether they’re cooking in the kitchen or relaxing in bed, they want to be able to pull up the song of their choice at any time. What they don’t want is the clutter that comes with having music in every room. In this blog, we explore how a multi-room audio system can give you the best of both worlds in your Baltimore, MD home. It’s time to embrace music that’s heard, not seen.

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Hidden Components

A quality music system involves a lot of moving parts. There are speakers, amplifiers, cables, remotes, and music sources to consider. It can be challenging for many homeowners to incorporate all this equipment seamlessly with their interior design. There are three ways a professional multi-room audio installation can help: introducing camouflaged elements, centralizing your system, and adding streaming services.

  • Camouflaged Equipment: The easiest way to make your music system blend in is to have your equipment disappear into the surroundings. We can install in-ceiling and in-wall speakers that blend into the room, with all necessary wires neatly hidden away. If you have amplifiers or sources in the room, they are tucked into custom AV cabinets.
  • Centralized Access: One of the biggest perks of a multi-room audio system, though, is that you don’t need your AV components physically in the room to use them. Your amplifier, home theater receiver, CD player, and media servers can all be kept in a dedicated closet. We then transmit the signal to the room where you want to listen.
  • Streaming Services: You can also upgrade to a wireless sound system to reduce the number of source components in your system. We can install Sonos speakers or use their CONNECT amp to bring your favorite streaming services to your existing music system. This way you get rid of clutter while gaining access to thousands of songs.

Sleek Control

The other general complaint we hear has to do with piles of remotes. Instead of having to use a different one for every device, consolidate everything into one place with your multi-room audio. You can have access to all your favorite music sources from a universal remote, dedicated touchpad, or mobile app. If you have a Lutron lighting system, you can even manage your audio from the same keypads you use to control your lights.

We can help you figure out which equipment and control options make the most sense for your home depending on your listening preferences and unique interior design. To get started, call us at 410-494-4310 or contact us online.