See How Tunable Lighting Elevates Your Home Spaces While Boosting Your Health

A recent survey conducted by Harris Poll reveals that 89 percent of Americans say that exposure to natural light elevates their mood, while 87 percent say that sunlight exposure has a favorable effect on productivity, alertness and brain function.

Most of us aren’t getting the circadian lighting we deserve simply because we’re not exposed to enough sunlight. In fact, a study by the Environmental Protection Agency found that Americans spend the vast majority of time indoors – about 90 percent of their days, leading to mental and physical sluggishness. To exacerbate the issue, we can’t relax when we get home: We’re flooded with cool light late at night through tech devices like cell phones and computers, leaving us wired when we’re supposed to be sleeping.

Is it time to break that cycle with an LED lighting installation that helps restore your body’s natural balance? Keep reading to see the art and science of Ketra tunable LED light fixtures and how the system can boost wellness in your Potomac, MD, home. 

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The Evolution of Light

When Lutron acquired Ketra, their partnership merged Lutron’s superior lighting control innovations with Ketra’s outstanding wellness initiatives. Ketra developers discovered how circadian lighting aligns with our biological need to experience bright, blue light to stay productive and warmer, dimmer light to relax – and created light fixtures that simulate natural sunlight indoors.

As we discuss how light brilliance and color affect our health, we’ll discover that timing is everything. How does Ketra create a lifestyle change through light? Take a look at the video below to get an idea of how it looks in a real home, and we’ll explore more of the scientific elements below.[

Following Our Natural Rhythms

As your life moves along through the day, your needs will adapt, too. Circadian indoor lighting addresses (and automates!) our biological inclination for lighting that mimics the sun and corrects the light deprivation society gives us.

Not ironically, the light that burns the hottest and produces the most energy invigorates humans, helping us perform our tasks with energy and focus. Brilliant afternoon lighting with a blue tinge emits more caloric heat and measures the highest in Kelvins. For reference, broad daylight measures about 6500K.

As the sun sets, its glow sends a message to our brains to relax and release more melatonin, and the warmer light we see is much lower on the Kelvin scale, around 2500K. As you’ll see in the video above, Ketra’s light emits warmer tones as it dims throughout the day, in contrast to most other lighting control systems, which only diminish in brightness. Think sunsets – just indoors.

Differences in Ketra’s LED Bulb

Ketra’s genius invention all starts in the bulb. To change tone throughout the day, Ketra engineered each device with multiple color capabilities. Each LED bulb contains a four-channel lighting system of blue, white, red and green colors that respond to the environment, so your home will be brighter and emit more blue light during the day and softer, warm lighting at night.

While Ketra prides itself as the world’s leading automated circadian lighting solution, you also can adjust the color tone of individual lights on the go, creating one-touch scenes you can access for entertaining, relaxing, movies and more.

Upgrade Today!

Ready to break society’s vicious lighting cycle and elevate wellness with Ketra’s circadian-based LED light fixtures? If you already have a Lutron HomeWorks QS system, we can integrate Ketra fixtures with your existing system. Otherwise, we are the Potomac area’s specialists for Ketra LED lighting installations and work in new-home construction and existing-home renovations.

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