A lighting control system can mean energy efficiency and luxury in your home.

With winter here, you may be using more energy to heat your home during the cold months. Utilizing as much natural heat and light from outside is a smart way to be more energy efficient during this time. Incorporating a lighting control system could help you save energy in your Baltimore, MD home throughout the year.

In this blog, we outline some of the ways that you can use smart lighting in your path to energy efficiency.

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1. Utilize occupancy sensors when nobody is in the room

Why use lighting in a room you’re not using? Instead of wasting precious energy in rooms not being occupied, incorporate occupancy sensors to detect when people are in the room or not.

If you’re having a large party, or even just if you have a lot of traffic throughout the house, managing when to keep the lights on or off can be a hassle and even forgotten at times.

A lighting control system can work with sensors to understand when lights need to be turned on versus when the room is empty and less or no light is needed.

2. Use dimmers when you don’t need all the light

Many people view light switches as an all-or-nothing system: the lights are either on at 100 percent or entirely off. A light control system allows you to use just 50 percent of the light if that’s all you need (or any percentage).

Set your system to dim the lights during certain times of the day, and brighten when it gets darker outside, or you just need the extra light. The benefit is twofold: customizing and adjusting the amount of light used means that you can create a unique ambiance in the room and also save energy.

3. Have the lights work in conjunction with shades for optimization

Integrate your shades to work with your lights. You can set up the room so that the shades open to let in natural sunlight, but automatically lower if too much heat is coming in, thus brightening the lights in the room if needed.

This process helps to stop solar heat gain, saving you energy while also lighting the room as needed. Your lighting control system allows you to find the perfect balance of light and heat in each room.

Are you ready to start saving on energy and find harmony in your home? Let us help you integrate a smart lighting control system. Reach out to us here or give us a call at (410) 494-4310.