Explore These Expert Tips as You Get Started on Building Your Cinema

It can feel like a huge undertaking to bring a dedicated home theater to your own house – but it doesn’t have to be a hassle, and it shouldn’t be one.

Your home theater installation will be a breeze if you know the initial steps of the process and what it takes to then design and install your dream home cinema.

In this blog, we’ve listed out the essential steps you need to take as you embark on your project. These necessary factors will help you achieve the best home theater design for your Alexandria, VA property.

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Know Your Budget

Before you even think about the innovative features you want to boast in your theater, it’s first and foremost important that you know your budget. This first step helps you know right away just how much you can get out of your home cinema and how much freedom you have to customize and create a space uniquely for you and your family.

It is recommended that you divide up your budget between the audio/video equipment you want to install, the decorations that will adorn your theater, and the type and style of seating you will need. These are the foundations of the room, and depending on how much you want to spend on each category, it can significantly impact your budget.

Once you have your budget locked in, you can move forward in what you want your theater design to look like.


Interior Design

Your theater’s décor and seating setup are where you get to let your creativity shine through.  You have the options between creating a home theater that more closely resembles your local cinema. Or you can choose to make the room match the rest of your house’s interior design.

Others like to pick a theme that matches their favorite film franchise or TV series – or design their chairs and space to resemble an old drive-in theater. Look through various designs, fabrics, and styles – only you get to choose the end result of your dream theater.

If you’re building your home theater as an addition to your house, you have the luxury of customizing the dimensions of the room to optimize acoustics. But if you’re renovating an existing area of your house into a home cinema, we recommend a rectangular-shaped room to ensure ideal sound quality.


Team Up With the Right Home Theater Company

While you might have an idea in mind for how you want your home theater to look and operate, you can best execute your vision through the help of a local installation professional.

The right home theater design company keep your wants and needs as the top priority while also knowing how to advance your home theater design and setup further through a precision installation and best-in-class product recommendations. This is where Starr Systems’ trusted team of professionals can help.

After we have worked with you to develop a professional design for your room, we will take over the technical side of things – dealing with wiring and cabling, the actual installation itself and then making sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

We make the process easy for you and include you in every step of the way so that you’re always in the loop. Working with our team takes your theater’s installation and design to the next level.


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